The BeatLads' Fab Gear

A big part of reproducing the sound of the Beatles is using the correct instruments and equipment that helped create the tone of the British Invasion in the early '60s. To that end the BeatLads perform with the same (or similar) models of Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Hofner, and Gibson guitars used by the Fab Four themselves. To ensure that the fabbest tone possible is delivered, the instruments are played through Vox amplifiers and cabinets, just as used by John, Paul, and George. As the Beatles music developed and matured, different guitar types and models were added to the instrument mix. The BeatLads' instrument use reflects as well the Beatles' expanded tonal palette of the mid- and late- '60s, employing the Epiphone Casino and Gibson SG models as well as the instruments from the Beatles' early years. The equipment line-up is rounded out, of course, with a Ringo-correct Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl drum kit, much of which is vintage 1960s hardware. We take pride in using the right stuff to bring you the best possible fab experience that we can deliver. The BeatLads' current instrument and equipment line up includes the following gear:

Rickenbacker 325 Electric Guitar BeatLads Gear
Sunburst Gibson J-160E Acoustic/Electric Guitar
Sunburst Epiphone Elite '65 Electric Guitar
Sunburst Hofner 500/1 V63 Electric Bass Guitar
Fireglow (red sunburst) Rickenbacker 360-12 Electric Guitar
Vox AC30 Amplifiers and Cabinets, with chrome stands
Vox T100 Bass Cabinet with chrome trolley stand
Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl "Ringo" Drum Kit

Also used but not pictured are:

Epiphone AJ200E "Texan" Acoustic Guitar
Gretsch G6119HT Tennessean Electric Guitar
Rickenbacker 360v64 Electric Guitar
Vox Royal Guardsman Cabinet
1968 Vox Defiant Guitar Amplifier
1967 Blackface Fender Bassman Amplifier
Vox Cooltron "Brit Boost" Effects Pedal
Vox V212BN Custom Classic Cabinet